Coastline of Calella, Catalunya, Spain


Adventure Holidays to Catalunya

The spirited capital Barcelona holds the throne in the minds of many, but Catalunya is a proud region with passionately guarded traditions and culture which go back centuries. This autonomous state, born from a rumbling industrial era which saw this region shoot to prosperity before the rest of Spain, is a place full of wonderous contrasts. From the points of Pyrenees to the glistening soft waves of the Mediterranean which brush champagne beaches... it is unbelievably easy to navigate your way around Catalunya. So much so that locals jest that ‘you could be skiing in the morning and sunbathing by the afternoon’. If food is your thing, meat and fish in the same dish is also a Catalunya born concept, so tuck into a brimming platter of 'May Y Mantagna'. Revel in lively cities, amble through countryside parishes or soak up the sun, Catalunya is blessed with it all.

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