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Trips to Lapland

The remote wilderness of Swedish Lapland is a wonderful place to experience a range of exciting winter activities, including dog sledding through the forest, ice fishing for supper, and snowshoeing across the frozen sea in search of the awe-inspiring Northern Lights.

Perhaps the greatest light show on earth the Northern Lights are visible above 65 degrees north, the snowy wilds of European Lapland are an excellent viewing spot. We stay on the frozen shores of the Lulea Archipelago in the Gulf of Bothnia, at Pine Bay Lodge. This small boutique hotel is in the classic Swedish Red Cottage style. In this part of Sweden the sea can freeze up to a metre thick, while the tidal currents of the Baltic Sea creates an exciting backdrop of broken pack ice, sometimes several metres high. During the week we will travel by snowmobile out into the bay to experience this amazing natural phenomenon.

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