Winter Holidays in Sweden

Winter Holidays in Sweden

High above the Arctic Circle, Swedish Lapland is everything that you would expect from a “winter wonderland”.  The snow is bountiful, weighing down the fir trees and carpeting the glistening frozen lakes that break up the otherwise dense forests. Over centuries the native Sami herdsmen have mastered techniques to travel through this land.  Today, although used mainly for leisure, variations of these methods have spawned exciting winter sports such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing to break trails into the wilderness.

Endless tracks through the Taiga forests are also some of the best conditions for sled dogs to really stretch their legs and pick up speed, however if its speed you are looking for then you can always swap traditional dog power for a more modern 800cc snowmobile. As well as offering all of these exciting sports, Swedish Lapland is also home to the world-renown Ice Hotel, which is possible to visit in all of our trips to Sweden.

Temperatures & daylight hours

Snow covers the ground in Sweden from as early as October and lasts until late April, with the snow conditions at its best from December until the end of March.  Temperatures can vary from around -30°C in the colder months to a mild -3°C.  In the height of winter the northern regions tend to see around 4-6 hours of daylight, which increases every month. It is at this time the night skies also become enriched with the brilliant displays from the Northern Lights.

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