Hot air balloon flying over rock landscape at Cappadocia, Turkey


Cappadocia Trips

Shaped by wind and water, the rock formations, rock-hewn churches, cave dwellings and underground cities of Cappadocia are otherworldly. Fairy chimneys cleaved from the earth and shaped by centuries of erosion punctuate the Pasabaglari Valley, giving it a moon-like appearance. Walk along the Melendiz River, experiencing traditional village life as you meander through the beautiful Ihlara Valley. Here there are dozens of Byzantine cave chapels to explore, most of them decorated with exquisite biblical frescoes.

The underground city of Derinkuyu, with some dwellings spread out over seven levels beneath the ground, is another highlight. But perhaps the main attraction on Cappadocia tours is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Goreme Open-Air Museum, a monastic complex composed of churches, rectories and dwellings. 

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