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Exodus’ holidays to Alaska will open your eyes to one of the great wildernesses of the world, the last American frontier. For years the most neglected part of the USA, it now has a firmly established reputation for both oil and tourism.

The sheer scope of Alaska is quite daunting, with 5000 glaciers, including one the size of Switzerland, and vast areas of uninhabited wilderness. Its total area is over 1,000,000 sq km, yet there are only about 500,000 permanent residents. By far the largest state in the USA, it features enormous empty tundra plains, mountains, glaciers, rivers and forests – all this, combined with a fascinating history, means our Alaska holidays are packed with adventure and discovery.

On our Alaska tours, you’ll be able to cruise around the Kenai Fjords National Park, take in the stunning Worthington Glacier, kayak in Kachemak Bay or revel in a float plane tour of Lake Clark National Park in search of bears. There is nothing quite like getting in touch with nature and basking in the glory of the great outdoors, and our spectacular Alaska trips promise an adventure you’ll never forget.

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Alaska Holidays & Tours

Top Highlights of our Alaska Holidays

  • Denali National Park
    As Denali National Park is one of the few preserved areas of wilderness where visitors are actively encouraged to explore a little further from the trail, you'll be able to get a lot closer to wildlife than you'd ever dared to imagine. Of course, following ranger instructions is definitely the way to go and keeping quiet is the best policy no matter what you're hoping to see. Exploring off-the-beaten track is an incredibly humbling experience and a must for anyone who wants to have a real taste of life beyond the last frontier. Ranger-led Denali tours are a great way to glean some insider knowledge and, from the best spots for wildlife to the most stunning views of Mount Denali. Trails can be as easy or challenging as you wish, with plenty of scenic backdrops as you explore.
  • Kenai Fjords National Park
    The realms of Kenai Fjords tours promise untold opportunities to watch an array of animals in their natural frozen habitat. Puffins, cormorants and marbled murrelets can all be viewed from the water and experiencing the squawking spectacle of a rookery at feeding time is a sight to remember. If you prefer your Alaska adventures to be slightly more physical, a guided hike across Exit Glacier's dense blue ice will take you to some of the best views, as well as enabling you to work up a healthy appetite in time for your evening meal. Taking a cruise through Resurrection Bay is an exceptional opportunity for photographers to capture Alaska's wildlife. From the chance to see the magnificent sight of a whale's tail emerging from the water to rocky outcrops covered in sea birds; a cruise in Resurrection Bay can be exciting as it is relaxing.
  • Wrangell St Elias National Park
    Glaciers tend to form the backbone to most tours of Alaska and an exploration of Wrangell St Elias is certainly no different. The Root Glacier is one of the most accessible within the park and presents no end of frozen features to admire on a 3 - 4 mile round trip. If you want to experience the sublime smooth surfaces from a whole new perspective then you've got to try your hand at ice climbing, where you'll find yourself within some incredibly dramatic frozen landscapes. Icebergs, mountains and intense peace and tranquillity make any outdoor activity in Alaska an unforgettable experience. Close to Wrangell St Elias is the historic town of McCarthy. Once upon a time McCarthy was a boisterous hunting and mining community, these days inhabited by less than 30 residents. Find out more about McCarthy's, often turbulent past through dilapidated mines and heritage museums.
  • Valdez
    Boasting the Columbia Glacier, Keystone Canyon and the vast Chugach National Forest, Valdez is an outdoor enthusiasts' dream - if you can walk it, raft it or fly over it, you'll be able to do it! This is your chance to go in search of wild flowers and salmon berries in the morning prior to spotting orcas and puffins in the afternoon. Valdez is a lesser-visited but nonetheless rewarding destination and perfect for lovers of the great outdoors. Even if you've never held paddles before, sea kayaking in and around the Columbia Glacier is easy to get the hang of and the sights you'll encounter make the next day's arm ache hardly noticeable. Dripping icebergs, moraine hikes and the chances to spot whales and bears en-route make this one of the best activities in the whole of Alaska. Note: listening to your instructors is vital for your safety and as you'll be kitted out with all the latest equipment, as well as being presented with safety guidelines, so you can rest assured you'll be well looked after as you explore.
  • Anchorage
    Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, features a remarkable range of parks and gardens which means, when combined with the surrounding mountains and rugged coastline, you'll discover an exceptional array of scenic trails. Just over 10 miles long and boasting some splendid views of Anchorage's stunning coastline, the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is an ever-popular paved path leading to Kincaid Park and forest. Summer months tend to favour the walkers, cyclists and skaters. Once completed you'll have relished the prospect of a well-earned break - and what better place to take a rest than Kincaid Park? With no end of picnic spots to while away a few hours, this is a great location for enjoying a sunny day in Anchorage. As you'd expect from the surroundings, Anchorage cuisine tends to focus upon seafood. if your mouth is watering at the prospect of fresh wild salmon, cold water oysters and king crab claws, then prepare yourself for a bit of a treat, and a chance to experience a taste of local life.

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