Self-Guided Walking

Go your own way into Europe's most scenic landscapes.  

With so much to absorb whilst seeing the world on foot it’s sometimes best to literally take it all in your own stride.

Independent walking gives you freedom. Whether you pause or power on: the choice is up to you, from cherry-picking the sightseeing stops along the way, deciding to linger a little over your lunch, or setting off an hour earlier to catch the coolest part of the day. Keen botanists can choose to spend hours minutely studying an endemic wildflower without worrying about slowing the pace of the rest of a group; everything is done to suit you, and you alone. Never feel rushed, and always remain in your comfort zone.

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Self-Guided Walking Adventure Holidays

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Few things can beat the thrill of wind in your hair and the invigorating scent of salt lingering on your skin as you

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