Wildlife Walks

Perhaps the least obtrusive way to go on safari - on two feet.

Trying to be silent as you step over a rustling bush on the jungle floor, you crouch and hide, to catch a glimpse of the nearby creature. Spot mountain gorillas on a mountain trek through Rwanda and The Congo; search for a snow leopard in the snowcapped Indian Himalayas or explore bear territories in Romania. The best way to get a real feel for wildlife is on foot. On a walking safari you’ll come breathtakingly closer than ever before, and have an immersive experience taking in tracks, spoor, smells and other signs of animal life.

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Wildlife Walking Adventure Holidays

Wildlife wellbeing and habitat preservation is central to our philosophy, which is why we make sure that all of our holidays are sustainable and give back to the community. Positive impact tourism can bring benefits to many communities, help preserve the environments we travel to see, and provide real and positive social exchanges. Find out more about Responsible Travel here.


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