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Europe’s newest country is about as far off the tourist path as it gets

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Europe’s newest country, Kosovo lies at the heart of the Balkans. From the mountainous cities of Pec and Prizren to the Marble Cave in the village of Gadime, there is so much to discover here, and the mix of cultures is astounding. In one visit you’ll hear locals speak Albanian, Serbian, Roma, Ashkalia, Bosnian and Turkish. 

The country declared independence from Serbia in 2008 and while travelling here you’ll see many memorials; NATO still guards the 13th-century Serbian monasteries. Its turbulent history means it’s relatively undiscovered territory, and you’ll see few other tourists, yet there’s plenty of culture and natural wonders to explore. Kosovo holidays are real adventures, with enough to keep you coming back for more.

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Highlights of Kosovo trips

1. Gjakova: The Old Bazaar is one of the rarest and largest in the Balkans. Over 500 stalls host a variety of tailors, silversmiths, gunsmiths and other crafters selling their wares. The market was destroyed in the 1999 war but has been reconstructed since. 

2. Visoki Decani Monastery: A beautiful 14th-century Serbian Orthodox church in a picturesque setting, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to Serbian monks who now live in total isolation from the local ethnic Albanian community.

3. Prizren, Kosovo's culture capital: Kosovo's second-biggest city is rich with history and traditions and surrounded by spectacular nature. The city is famed for its gastronomy and wines, traditional handicrafts and wonderful mix of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. Sites to see include the Kalaja Fortress, the Sinan Pasha Mosque, the Gazi Mehmet Pasha Hammam and the outside of the 14th-century church of Our Lady of Ljeviš. 

4. Food: Don’t leave without tasting famous traditional Prizren dishes such as flija, sharr cheese and a selection of grilled meats. Food in Kosovo is hearty and homely, fusing influences from Albania, Turkey and Greece into one delicious pot.

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