Conception Volcano, Ometepe Iland, Nicaragua

Ometepe Island

Adventure Holidays to Ometepe

The twin peaks of Concepion and Maderas characterise Ometepe, their majestic peaks connected by a small strip of land to make an hourglass shaped island. Ometepe means "two peaks" in the traditional náhuatl language spoken by the indigenous communities here. On this idyllic island, the dormant giants co-exist with small rural island communities, who survive principally by farming and fishing.

Ometepe has a rich archaeological background due to the mix of tribes and cultures that inhabited the island. You can spend time hiking through agricultural land and cloud forest within the Maderas Volcano Reserve to a lookout point from where there are spectacular views over the lake and the island. There are also small natural spring pools perfect for swimming and relaxing.


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Ometepe Island Adventure Holidays