St Petersburg

Adventure Holidays to St Petersburg

Founded by Tsar Peter the Great on May 27, 1703, his vision was to bring ‘old Russia' into the modern European age. The city was capital of the Russian Empire for more than two hundred years until the Russian Revloution of 1917. It's perhaps the finest and most extravagant city in Europe, and remains a major European cultural centre as well as important Russian port on the Baltic Sea. The historic center of St Petersburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where there's the Peter and Paul Fortress and famous St Isaac's Cathedral that contains the tombs of the Romanovs. The new Fabergé Museum houses 4,000 pieces of fine decorative art, the highlight of which is a group of nine imperial Easter eggs created by Fabergé for the last two Tsars. No trip to St Petersburg would be complete without a visit to the Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace. One of the largest and oldest museums in the world, it was founded in 1764. Each room is a piece of art in its own right, with rooms like the Pavilion Hall, Peacock Room, and Hanging Gardens.

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