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Gorilla in Virunga Mountains, Rwanda

Virunga National Park

Virunga Trips

Rwanda’s Virunga National Park is the best place to see gorillas in the wild. Owing to the very nature of the terrain and the need to explore in order to find the gorillas, there are no paths to follow in Virunga and the guides will occasionally have to cut a way through the undergrowth. Despite the hardship, the jungle scenery makes Virunga tours fascinating, and to be close to the gorillas in their natural habitat is an experience you will never forget.

An adult male can weigh up to 195kg, a female up to 100kg, and a male can reach 1.7m in height. The gorillas are almost exclusively vegetarian and are quite destructive eaters, which makes them unpopular with the farmers lower down the mountain slopes, as they will wreck a whole field just to eat one plant. For this reason, and also because of poaching, the gorillas are very carefully protected.

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