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Kruger National Park is vast – bigger than the whole of Ireland – and is home to the widest variety of wildlife of any park in Africa. Established in 1898, the last census counted 147 species of mammals, 507 bird species, 114 species of reptiles and 336 different types of trees. Without a doubt, Kruger National Park holidays offer pure excitement for wildlife lovers, and it's a dream destination to go out on safari.

The best time to see the animals is either on an early morning or late afternoon game drive. At these cooler times of day, the animals are more active, usually resting in the shade in the hot afternoon sunshine. Elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, hyena and impala abound, but it is not unusual to spot the more elusive rhino or leopard too. Night game drives give you the opportunity to see creatures in a different light as powerful torches pick out their eyes glowing in the dark. Camping facilities in Kruger are generally of a good standard, with shower and toilet blocks and sometimes even a swimming pool.

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