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Holidays to Tepui, Venezuela

  • Flat top, Tepui

Tepui adventure and activity holidays in Venezuela with the adventure travel experts at Exodus. The Grand Savannah is a unique area in the uplands of the south east of Venezuela, part of a National Park the size of Belgium. Known as El Dorado, 'the golden land', it is a highland savannah which covers some of the most spectacular, untouched wilderness in the world, criss-crossed by rivers, rapids and waterfalls, carpeted in the lower regions by dense jungles which give way to dry highland plains, dotted with massive table-mountains known locally as 'tepuis'. The biggest tepui is Auyan Tepui, off whose northern cliffs plunge the Angel Falls - at 975m, the highest falls in the world. This is a weird, other-worldly environment which was Conan Doyle's Lost World.

Tepui Holidays

The Lost World & Angel Falls

The Lost World & Angel Falls

15 days Incl. flights From
GBP £3,059.00

Trek and camp at the top of Venezuela's Mount Roraima

  • Trek and camp at the top of Mount Roraima
  • Visit Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world
  • Fly by charter plane to reduce the driving distance

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