Wildlife Holidays

Wildlife Holidays

An Exodus wildlife holiday is designed to let you get up close and personal with some of the world’s most incredible species. Nothing beats the thrill of being within a hair’s breadth of some of the most dangerous and beautiful creatures that reside on planet earth, and we are here to help you do just that.

Our vast array of wildlife holidays will ensure you enjoy wildlife encounters from the four corners of the globe from the Arctic to the African savannah.

Feel invigorated by the splash of seawater from a whale’s tail on one of our marine wildlife holidays. Step into a bear’s snowy footprint on a bear-watching holiday and be awed by their power and grace. Or feel the thrill of a wildlife encounter with one of the largest and most elusive felines in the Americas- the formidable and exquisite Jaguar.

‘Here there be dragons’ goes the old cartographer’s adage and on our Indonesia tours there are indeed dragons - forked tongued Komodo dragons, that will set your pulse racing. From raging rivers to tropical jungles our Borneo wildlife holidays allow you to see the endangered orangutans in their natural habitat.

Head west and discover the isolated tropical archipelago of the Galapagos Islands. Here you’ll discover Darwin’s enchanted isles that gave him the inspiration for ‘The Origin of Species’- with close wildlife encounters assured. Or go east and be mesmerised by the amber orbs of a Bengal tiger in India on one of our safari wildlife holidays.

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Costa Rica's Coastal Secrets

43 reviews

Unrivalled wildlife viewing and Costa Rica's coastal wonders 

Suitable for:
Age 16+
Activity level:
Leisurely / Moderate
15 Days from £2,999
Guided (Excl. Flights)
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Discover Costa Rica

260 reviews

Experience the Costa Rican rainforest, mountains and coast

Suitable for:
Age 16+
Activity level:
15 Days from £2,349
Guided (Excl. Flights)
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Are the wildlife trips guided?

To ensure you receive the best possible experience on these trips of a lifetime, all of our wildlife tours include experienced local guides. Whether you’re travelling across the savannah of the Masai Mara alongside wildebeest and zebra, trekking through dense forest as lemurs leap around you, or spend time snorkelling in azure oceans surrounded by sea-life - you can rest-assured our guides are on-hand to help you make the most amazing memories.

What is the duration of the wildlife tours?

The duration of each wildlife tour varies, but each has been tailor made to ensure you get the most out of these incredible life-affirming trips. Our shortest tour is five days, and lets you to discover the natural beauty of the Arctic circle or why not spend 18 days exploring the Galapagos islands or the Masai Mara.

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Make unforgettable memories by booking one of our wildlife holidays with Exodus today and start exploring all the natural wonders the world has to offer. Whether you want to explore dry desserts, tropical rainforests, freezing water or azure seas we have a wildlife holiday for you.  

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