“There is more meaning and mutual understanding in exchanging a glance with a gorilla than with any other animal I know,” said David Attenborough after his legendary encounter with a family of mountain gorillas during the filming of his iconic show, Life on Earth. Indeed, primates, be they gorillas, orang-utans or chimpanzees have a special place in the wildlife litany as they share so many of our traits.



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“Their sight, their hearing, their sense of smell are so similar to ours that they see the world in much the same way as we do. We live in the same sort of social groups with largely permanent family relationships,” he continued. Although finding them can be hard – you may find yourself struggling through a high altitude jungle or sweltering rain forest, and they are increasingly rare in the wild – nothing takes away the visceral excitement of a close primate encounter.

Exodus runs adventure holidays to see primates in Uganda, Borneo, Costa Rica, Madagascar and Japan.

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