cross-country skiing

Cross-Country Skiing Holidays

Glide through some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world

Cross-Country Skiing

We offer an array of cross-country skiing holidays to suit a wide range of technical and physical levels. Many newcomers imagine that you need to be super-fit to cross-country ski. While fitness helps, a sense of balance and a reasonable amount of coordination are what really count in making the learning process a pleasure.

Most people find that by day two or three they are beginning to get the hang of gliding and stopping. If you are in any doubt about whether our cross-country skiing trips would suit you, check our Activity Level monitor, which is comparable to the activity levels we use on our snowshoeing, cycling, activity and trekking holidays. 

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Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing styles

Classic: The majority of our cross-country skiing tours follow the classic technique. In prepared tracks, the movement is similar to walking with a gliding action involving a more pronounced back and forth motion of the arms. Wax or grip under the ski holds it to the snow when a skier’s weight is on it, helping to tackle steeper gradients with ease and glide along flatter terrain. The classic technique can be mastered with ease, and once stopping via the snowplough manoeuvre has been grasped, undulating slopes become stress-free. The classic technique can also be taken off-track, offering adventure and exploration away from the pre-cut trail. 

Skate: The movement for skate style is similar to ice skating or rollerblading. Skate skis are lightweight and shorter than classic skis, with increased ankle support provided in the boots. More physically demanding than classic style, once mastered most skiers find they can pick up speed and travel greater distances at a faster pace than those on classic skis. To join a skating holiday it is essential to know how to snowplough and to have good balance and fitness.

Exodus leader Eric Woolley has put together some simple exercises that you can do in preparation for your trip – they're particularly good prior to cross-country skiing. Download the guide here.

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