Arctic Sweden & the Icehotel

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Multi-activity in the Arctic with a night in the Icehotel

Deep inside the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland sits the peaceful hamlet of Lappeasuando. From here all that lies ahead is a land characterised by deep forests, frozen lakes and the extraordinary Northern Lights.

Our base is ideally located to explore the surrounding wilderness, with a week packed full of activities. Our Arctic adventure culminates with a memorable night in the magical Icehotel, the perfect end to a truly unforgettable adventure trip.


  • Action-packed break in Arctic Sweden
  • Stay at the world-famous Icehotel
  • Dogsled in silent forest trails
  • Visit a reindeer herder and learn local Sami culture

Key information

  • 4 nights lodge, with en suite rooms, 1 night wilderness camp, 1 night Icehotel
  • 5 days of mixed activities
  • Group normally 4 to 12, plus guides and instructors. Min age 16 years
  • Travel by private minibus

What's included

  • All breakfasts, 5 lunches and 5 dinners included
  • All accommodation
  • Transfers for group flights
  • Full Arctic clothing

What's not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Visa's and Vaccinations
  • Single supplement
  • Optional excursions

Responsible Travel

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  • Day 1

    Fly to Kiruna; transfer to Lappis Lodge

    Fly to Kiruna; transfer to Lappis Lodge
    Comfortable Hotel

    Meals included: Dinner
  • Day 2

    Morning at leisure; afternoon snowshoe excursion.

    After a hearty Swedish breakfast we have a little time to get familiar with our winter surroundings. In the afternoon we head out into the wilderness using snowshoes. This is the perfect way to get closer to nature as we break new trails through the snow, reaching those areas where the snowmobiles and skis could not (distance is around 8km although the route may change depending on conditions. Please note that in the December departures, due to shorter daylight hours, some of this snowshoe will be done in the dark). Out here, where there are no other sources of light, we have an excellent chance to see the incredible Northern Lights.
    Comfortable Hotel

    Meals included: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • Day 3

    Morning guided ice fishing; afternoon free for optional snowmobiling.

    Today we begin the day with a spot of fishing. However, this is not fishing as we know it; this is traditional ice fishing. Through drilled holes in the ice you will be shown how to use the small ice fishing rods to, with any luck, catch what lurks beneath the ice. In the afternoon there is the opportunity to try the optional activity of snowmobiling. If you take this option then you will have a fantastic ride starting along the frozen Kaitum and Kalix Rivers. The route then takes a wide loop over lakes and through forests before arriving back at our base. Alternatively if snowmobiling is not for you then there are further activities available from the Lappis lodge (please see the 'optional excursion' section of the trip notes for more details).
    Comfortable Hotel

    Meals included: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • Day 4

    Dogsled training and expedition to wilderness camp.

    Spend the morning learning the basics of dogsledding, and after an early lunch, you and your riding partner (you ride 2 to a sled) head out with your own team of 5 to 6 dogs. The dogs are well trained and extremely friendly, and most of all they love to pull sleds. Anyone worried about driving their sled can opt to sit back and enjoy the ride in the cosy passenger seat of their own sled while their riding partner does all the hard work. In deep snow you may need to help push the sled; if the trail is more compacted, the dogs can travel up to 15 or 20 km/h. Falls are not uncommon in the first hour or so. If you do fall, the only rule is 'don't let go of your sled', as the dogs don't stop to wait for you! The guide is also never far away and is on a snowmobile. Our night is spent in the wilderness in a simple lodge, nestled between the Kaitum and Kalix rivers.
    Basic Hotel

    Meals included: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • Day 5

    Return to base on dogsleds via frozen lakes and pine forests.

    Those who want to can rise early to help feed and water the dogs and get them ready and harnessed for the days sledding. We take a different route back to our homebase, with plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and the excitement of mushing your own team. Lunch is usually taken by a campfire by the side of the trail, in a simple cabin or sometimes back at base, depending on conditions. While on the forest trails keep your eyes peeled for Elk (Moose), Snow Grouse (Ptarmigan) or even Capercaille.
    Comfortable Hotel

    Meals included: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • Day 6

    Traditional Sami lunch with reindeer encounter; afternoon transfer to Icehotel.

    Today we transfer to the Nutti Sami reindeer camp outside Jukkasjarvi. After a traditional Sami lunch cooked over the fire we will meet, greet and feed the reindeer. This is a wonderful insight to the life and work as a reindeer herder and the indigenous Sami lifestyle. In the afternoon we will then transfer to the fabulous Icehotel with time for a guided tour of the individually designed rooms, chapel and Absolut ice bar. Our rooms are available from 6pm and dinner (not included in trip cost) is reserved in a nearby traditional homestead or the IceHotel restaurant depending on availability.
    Comfortable Hotel

    Meals included: Breakfast Lunch
  • Day 7

    Transfer to airport; fly to London

    End trip after a hearty breakfast at the Icehotel's comfortable and warm restaurant. Transfer to Kiruna Airport and fly to London

    Meals included: Breakfast

Essential Info



UK passport holders do not require a visa for Sweden.



There are no specific health risks.

Eating and Drinking

All meals are included (dinner only on day 1, and breakfast only on day 7), except dinner on day 6, the night of the Icehotel, which is excluded. We recommend to spend dinner on this night in the traditional homestead, not far from the Icehotel.

Meals that are included are usually prepared by our guide and they may ask for some help with the preparation and washing up.

Breakfasts: these are Scandinavian in style including: tea or coffee, porridge, yoghurt, muesli, cheese, ham, and flat pitta style or rye bread.

Picnic lunches: warm soup, with cheese and bread or sandwiches.

Evening meals: menus might include meatballs, reindeer stew, salmon, sausage, Swedish hash, and cooked vegetables. Cordials and water, plus tea or coffee after the meal.

Vegetarian options also available and well catered for.


Temperatures should remain below 0ºC for the whole season, however recent years have had some unexpected fluctuations, both warmer and colder. The lowest temperature in 2008 was -40ºC and the warmest was +8ºC, just a few weeks apart. Generally you should expect much colder temperatures in December and January, around -35ºC to -25ºC. As the days get longer the temperatures rise to around freezing point by April. Daylight hours As we are inside the Arctic Circle, from 01 December to 07 January the sun remains just below the horizon during the day. But it is not dark - there is plenty of reflection from the snow - expect 4-5 hours of daylight. At the end of January daylight hours increase to 6-7. In February there are 10 hours, and in March 15 hours. Northern Lights The stunning Aurora Borealis are one of nature's most awe-inspiring sights, and seeing them hover above us on a cold winter's night is an experience never to be forgotten. Scientists will tell you the Northern Lights occur 'when solar wind particles collide with air molecules in the earth's atmosphere, transferring their energy into light'. The 'season' runs from October to March. Within this window the slightly better months are October, February and March. During periods of high solar activity (not forecastable) they can often be seen every night, but the sky has to be clear of cloud cover, and you need to be away from other light sources. Displays can vary in intensity - from a greenish-yellow glow moving gently around the sky, to a spectacular multi-coloured show dancing across the heavens. Sightings not only vary in intensity but in duration too, from just minutes to sometimes hours. On a 7 day long stay you have a very good chance of seeing some aurora, and a reasonable chance of seeing the most spectacular light show on earth at its best.

Is this trip for you?

This magical winter trip combines a stay at the peaceful hamlet of Lappeasuando with a night in the world’s famous Icehotel and a daily mixture of winter activities. The temperatures in Scandinavian during winter are often low with limited daylight in the early part. The trip level is 3, moderate so a reasonable level of fitness is required. (see our website for further information on our grades).


Lappis Lodge, Wilderness Camp & Icehotel

Our accommodation for 4 nights is the comfortable 'Lappis Lodge', with en suite rooms, restaurant and sauna. The rooms fit a maximum of 4 in dormitory style accommodation. One night is spent in a wilderness camp; a Sami tent heated by wood-burning stoves with sleeping mats and reindeer skins for beds. Our final night is in the famous Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi, where we usually reserve ice rooms, with unique artwork decorating the room. Throughout the week you will be served a wide variety of delicious local cuisine.

Expert Blog Entries

  • Reviewed April 2017
    Teresa and Terry Hughes
    We would like to say a huge thank you to Exodus for a fantastic trip to Artic Sweden and an Amazing Honeymoon. Our dreams really did come true. 4 years ago this week we set off for Kilimanjaro and started not only an incredible journey to reach the summit but a journey of life. Exodus have played a big part in this. I proposed to my wife Teresa at Uhuru Peak and we married last year in August. We wanted to have a honeymoon with a difference and the trip to Artic Sweden was just perfect. The location at Lappeasuando Lodge was beautiful. A white wilderness of snow and ice but with superb accommodation, excellent and delicious cuisine (all much better than the trip notes describe) and very very friendly and helpful staff. We were also fortunate the group of us (11 in total) completely "gelled" and consequently we all had so much fun and adventure. After Kilimanjaro we had no hesitation in booking Exodus again and as for our previous trip they have delivered beyond our expectations.

    What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

    Dog Sleds - Our guide for the dog sleds was Sabine. She had 30 dogs and 11 tourists to look after and she did it brilliantly. Sabine knew all her dogs by name, character and which dogs would fit the individual dog sled teams. She was so passionate about what she did. We had so much fun. The dog sleds were the highlight of the trip. It was an awesome experience to travel over frozen lakes and through forests whilst handling the dog sleds. The dogs can go quite fast. There is also the opportunity to feed the dogs and be very much involved in the ultimate winter adventure.

    What did you think of your group leader?

    Franzisk Kohler, our main group guide was excellent and she has a team of staff to match, Thierry, (full of fun, so calm and relaxed) Gunte (who served us a delicious breakfast was always smiling) and of course the other staff behind the scenes to include the chef, housekeeper and waitress could not do enough for us.

    Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

    Be prepared to get stuck in and enjoy every moment of it. Ignore the cold, it really is ok at minus 25. The Northern Lights are incredible but there is no guarantee of seeing them. After a week in the wilderness we experienced the most amazing display from a frozen lake next to The Ice Hotel.

    Is there anything else you would like to add?

    Our last night at the Ice Hotel will be an experience to treasure forever. It is quite incredible. The rooms, the staff and the restaurant were fantastic. It is actually not bad sleeping at -5 We also witnessed the most awe inspiring event ever, the Northern Lights. Although we had glimpses of them during the week, what we saw on our last night was unreal. Standing on a frozen lake near to the Ice Hotel we saw an incredible light show of natural phenomenon and we have some amazing photographs to show for it.
  • Reviewed March 2017
    Jane Harrison
    Overall the trip was well organised and very enjoyable. Seeing the Northern Lights and the Ice Hotel were the two highlights for me. The dog sledding was amazing, with such a knowledgeable and great leader. The wilderness camp was also wonderful, especially as that was where we saw the Northern Lights for the second time.

    What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

    The night in the Ice Hotel was so much fun, and not really cold. The sleeping bags were excellent.

    What did you think of your group leader?

    We did not have one, we had a number. All were good, the only problem was swapping from one to the next. The coordination could have been a little better.

    Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

    Do ask about the clothing. Luckily I had taken my own snow suit, but on the day we arrived at the Ice Hotel, then went off to visit the reindeers before checking into the hotel, some of the group found themselves without adequate clothing. We had been told that Arctic clothing would be supplied throughout. Maybe we could have got it from the hotel - I don't know and this was one time when the leader cross over failed. Otherwise the trip was great fun!
  • Reviewed February 2015
    Anjali Kansal-Rill
    This trip was amazing! The lodge was great, the activities a blast and the travel companions wonderful.

    What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

    The ice hotel was the best part. What a great experience!

    What did you think of your group leader?

    Francesca was great but the dog sledding leader, Sabine seemed overwhelmed & at times was pretty rude.

    Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

    Pack things to wear to dinners! I had so many warm clothes that I was hot indoors!
  • Reviewed January 2015
    Adrian Capper
    Brilliant, a much better way to spend late December and the New Year than watching repeats and Jools Holland. This was an amazing holiday with a good mix of activities and down time.

    What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

    There were so many it's really hard to choose, they ranged from meeting the huskies for the first time, ( and I'm not a dog person), to snowmobiling, seeing the snow covered land and having a beer in the sauna after a day's activity. However the most outstanding was seeing the aurora borealis at -32° C on our first full night, after an exciting day dog sledding. To see the aurora a second time while snowshoeing by moonlight was also pretty special. Oh, and don't forget the Ice Hotel - stunning.

    What did you think of your group leader?

    The local leaders were all fantastic. They were knowledgeable, friendly and advised us really well about what to wear for the extreme conditions.

    Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

    Don't overpack, you do not need towels or sleeping bag liners as these are provided, as are hair driers. Good quality thermals are essential. There is no need to take any Swedish Krona as everything can be put on credit card, including your bar bill at the Lodge. We also used cards for food at the airport. Read up about photographing the aurora and if you're really serious take a tripod.

    Is there anything else you would like to add?

    Despite temperatures as low as -32°, we never felt cold and eventually thought that -8° was quite balmy. The food at the Lodge, Lappeasuando, was outstanding, do not expect to lose weight. If you're lucky enough to be there for New Year's Eve, prepare for a real treat and some serious weight gain.
  • Reviewed February 2014
    The huskies are the stars of the show, friendly but very keen to pull. 

    What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

    Being pulled in the absolute quiet of a Christmas card scene by a team of six huskies, is amazing.  I am not a dog person but they were relaxed and happy to be put into their harnesses even when you got it wrong and had to start again.  They all had individual characters and even in 2 days you started to know which would get up to what tricks.

    What did you think of your group leader?

    This trip uses several experts to lead different parts of the activities.  Sabine stood out and was excellent with both travellers and dogs. 

    Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

    The main lodge does accept credit cards (contrary to the trip notes) so you really don't need much Swedish Krona.  You do however need to budget of £60 per person for 2 courses at the Icehotel (excluding alcohol) and remember a bottle of average wine will be at least £40 in Sweden due to the high taxes.It is helpful to have a small daypack big enough for your camera and one layer of clothing in addition to your small holdall or rucksack that will be taken to the overnight stop for you.At the Icehotel all your stuff is left in a locker in the warm area, so you need to have a set of thermals or other warm nightwear to wear whilst you run to your room, shut the frozen curtain door and jump into your sleeping bag.

    Is there anything else you would like to add?

    At -2 to -5 degrees C during the day it was actually too warm.  The snow was heavy and sticker than usual (apparently) and the dogs found it harder work.  It did mean that you didn't worry about the cold and taking gloves off to take photos etc.The food was excellent throughout, local, varied and well prepared.  The chef always came out to explain what we were eating.  In my opinion the food at the Lodge was actually better than the very expensive meal at the Icehotel. We were not lucky enough to see the Northern Lights as it was overcast all week.  They would just have been a bonus on a great week.
  • Reviewed February 2014
    Wow!! What an experience! If you are sitting there debating whether to book this trip or not, I recommend you do, it's amazing. It's very difficult to pick a highlight, as everything was absolutely fantastic. We were fortunate enough to see the Northern Lights, and it was great fun skidooing across the frozen rivers and through the forest. Dog sledding was a real delight, as all the dogs have their own personalities, and are so friendly - when they say "Don't let go of the sled" they really do mean it - many spectacular falls throughout the 2 sledding days but definitely worth it. The wilderness lodge is great fun - it's not as basic as you might think, and the tranquility here just takes you away. The long drop toilets are actually really comfortable and shouldn't put you off. Sabine, our guide for the week, really made it special. She was part of the group from the beginning and made us all feel so welcome - she's a great cook too!! The food on this trip is absolutely amazing - It's like eating in a 5 star restaurant every day, and they even catered well for vegetarians and lactose intolerance!! If you are debating this trip, my advice is "Do it" - you will have the holiday of a lifetime ;-)

    What did you think of your group leader?

    Brilliant!! She made my 40th birthday, one to definitely remember

    Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

    Don't pack too much. As long as you have some decent thermals, a few fleeces, and a balaclava you will be fine. They provide you with the snow suit and snow shoes which you will practically live in for most of the week. We didn't need a towel or an inner sleeping bag, but we did use the head torch at the wilderness camp quite a bit. If you want to catch the Northern Lights on camera, make sure you either have a decent camera or know where the "slow exposure" button is - they don't come out otherwise!!

    Is there anything else you would like to add?

    Do it, you won't regret it!!
  • Reviewed April 2013
    This was without a doubt one of the best holidays I have ever had.  It gave a great taster for some winter based activities that I had been reluctant to book for a whole week.  Dog sledding, even if, like me, you're not very good at it, is incredible.  I was not a great lover of dogs before I went but the Huskies are so friendly and their enthusiasm for sledding is infectious, I plan to do a whole week of this in the future.  Igloo building is also great fun.  I loved the snow shoeing and snow mobiling (an optional extra).  We saw the Northern Lights but frankly everything else was so great I would not have been devastated had we not seen them.  The Ice Hotel was a novel experience and an unusual way to end a holiday.  The accommodation was great, the wilderness camp is actually not that wild and is quite comfortable. The food was absolutely amazing, you will not lose weight on this holiday!!!

    What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

    Driving a dog-led sled through stunning scenery, snowshoeing through similar stunning scenery and seeing the Northern Lights

    What did you think of your group leader?

    No single Exodus groupo leader.  Bart from Lappis Lodge explained everything and was kind enough to 'phone us when he spotted the Northern Lights. Sabina who took us dog sledding, snowshoeing and snowmoibiling was excellent and very patient with my frankly poor dog-sled driving skills.  Cecilia who taught us to build our own igloo and ice fish was also excellent.

    Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

    Don't overpack.  My advice would be to take thermal long johns, a couple of thermal tops, thermal trousers, walking boots, thermal socks, down jacket and gloves. You just need a few other items of clothing to change into in the evenings.  You don't need to take lots of water bottles as lots of drinks provided, sleeping bag or liner as always provided.  Take lots of batteries as they will lose charge quicker in the cold and don't forget your sunglasses.

    Is there anything else you would like to add?

    Do not worry about how you will get from the Ice Hotel to the airport on the way home, a bus is organised for you and if, like us, you appear to have a very tight transit time at Stockholm Airport please do not panic, you (and your luggage) will make it, SAS are extremely organised.
  • Reviewed March 2013
    The trip was like a dream come true - dog sledding, ice hotel, snow mobiling and eventually seeing the Northern lights as the lights were at its lowest.

    What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

    I loved the dog sledding, I fell in love with the dogs, it was wonderful to experience their excitement pulling the sleighs. The scenery is absolutely beautiful you dont see anyone else on route. Very exclusive.The other amazing moment was seeing the Northern lights on the last night of our trip at the Ice Hotel, what an experience they came up at 24h30 and we could see if with our naked eye. 

    What did you think of your group leader?

    I felt Barbara, who ran the lodge, was not very welcoming, social and did not communicate very well with the group. The Northern Lights came out the first evening but it looked like clouds, she never once mention to us to still take photo's as the camera on the right setting of ISO will pick up the Norther Lights. We have travelled from South AFrica to see the lights and you can imagine our disappointment to have found this out the next day and missed out on the photo's.They were also not very proactive in waking up the group when there were Northern lights to be seen, our group had to google the weather forcast to see when was the most likely time we would see them. I would have expected this info from Barbara. Making up our own beds was another disappointment as you would have expected this for the price we paid.    

    Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

    Follow the trip notes and you wont go wrong but we purchased inner sheets for the sleeping bag and took a towel for the Wilderness night but you did not need them as they provided these for you.

    Is there anything else you would like to add?

    It has been one of my best holiday's ever, I made new friends with amazing people. We all got along so well which made the trip even better. All the activities were mind blowing and just as I would have imagined it would have been.I never expected the food to be great but it was better than great, the flavours and variety was very impressive. They accommodate food for everyones needs which was very impressive even when we were in the wilderness for an outside lunch.
  • Reviewed January 2013
    Simply loved the whole experience

    What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

    I loved dealing with the dogs on the dog sled trip, and it was quite exciting in partsSeeing the Northern Lights for the first timeSipping vodka in an ice glass in the stunning Ice Hotel Waking up in minus 5 degrees in the Ice Hotel and realising I'd slept well. I was dreading being cold, but wasn't. 

    What did you think of your group leader?

    Lovely, friendly and approachable. Very laid back. Liked the fact she sat down with us and just chatted.Sometimes we could have done with a little more info, like what to take on the dog sled trip, but we managed. Overall extremely well organised.

    Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

    Good quality thermals and fleeces are essential. Outside it gets very cold. Take the advice of the tour leaders on how many layers to wear, based on each day's temperature and activity.Take a good quality camera and tripod if you want to take piccies of the Northern Lights.I don't eat meat and was concerned about food, but every meal had a fish or vegetarian equivalent. I ate very well.Alcohol is expensive. Buy in Britain and pack in your suitcase 

    Is there anything else you would like to add?

    Enjoy this amazing experience.
  • Reviewed January 2013
    A fantastic trip, with a great group that exceeded our expectations and will live in the memory for a long time. 

    What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

    There was no one inspirational moment as every activity was as good as the other.  The two days with the huskies was great and the dogs are lovely and friendly and you could spend all day making a fuss of them (this is from someone who does not like dogs!).  The dogs were very excited at the start, however they soon listened to us and stopped and started when instructed. There was a bit of standing around during the igloo building, however again this was a great experience and a real sense of achievement once it was finished – one of our group even slept in it one night. Skidoos were good fun, although cold. The Ice Hotel was another highlight and this is the way to see it – you do not need too long there and Exodus seem to allow the right amount of time.

    What did you think of your group leader?

    There was no group leader – however Barbara and her team at the lodge looked after us very well and made sure that any needs were meet. The leaders for each activity were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

    Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

    Book it is my only advice! Take good quality thermals and wear plenty of layers that are easily removed/added - outside it was minus 24C and you would then walk indoors to plus 21C and need to strip off quick.

    Is there anything else you would like to add?

    We have been on a few Exodus trips and were not expecting too much from the lodge and we were pleasantly surprised – the rooms are clean, very warm and well laid out.  The food was exceptional. This is the best way to see Lapland and stay at the Ice Hotel – although the trip seems expensive it is good value for money.  If you stay at the Ice Hotel for 3 -4 days you will spend a fortune and miss out on the lodge and beauty of this area. The day trips from the Ice Hotel were an unbelievable price (Overnight Husky trip £600 per person)

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